Washington DC Fall Winter 2016 Collection by OPI

Posted on 05 August 2016

opi washington dc fall winter 2016

 OPI’s Washington DC fall / winter 2016 collection is undoubtedly a top pick for us this season. The shades in this collection are a magnificent mix of colors that will work for any occasion.

OPI teamed up with Kerry Washington, actress and activist, to create a collection that includes the usual twelve shades, plus three Special-Edition Kerry Washington shades.

opi washington dc fall winter 2016

The collection represents strong women of Washington DC, where they are filling the ranks in all branches of government, and of because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S.

“The Washington DC palette reflects a sophisticated twist on classic fall shades: winter squash, crimson reds, earthy browns, rustic gold, dusky blue, and lush green – fashion’s hottest shade – to add a bolt of power to your favorite fall looks.” ~ OPI

Special-Edition Kerry Washington shades include:

OPI Kerry Blossom

Kerry Blossom:

Accomplished stateswomen love this plum with capital flair.

  OPI Liv in the Gray

"Liv" in the Gray

This edgy, sophisticated dark gray makes a strong federal case.

Inside the Isabelletway 

 Inside the ISABELLEtway

Washington's movers-and-shakers vie for this caramel creme.

CIA Equals Color Is Awesome

 CIA = Color is Awesome

A smart, dusky blue for secret agent fashionistas.

opi stay off the lawn 

Stay Off the Lawn!!

Don't trespass on this deep, lush green.

suzi - the first lady of nails

Suzi - The First Lady of Nails

Command the political scene in this chic olive green.

never a dulles moment

Never a Dulles Moment

A curry yellow seen on airport and fashion week runways.

pale to the chief

Pale to the Chief

So nearly nude, it's almost scandalous. 

yank my doodle

Yank My Doodle 

Get a tawny copper mani and all it macaroni.

opi - freedom of peach

Freedom of Peach

Wearing this creamy peach is your fashion right.

opi - squeaker of the house

Squeaker of the House

A chocolate brown so yummy, it crosses party lines.

opi - shh...it's top secret!

Shh...It's Top Secret!

A deep, deep brown so dark, it's incognito.

opi - madam president

Madam President

A commanding red with real Oval Office Power.

opi - opi by popular vote

OPI By Popular Vote

It's a landslide victory! This cool apple red is a real winner.

opi - we the female

We the Female

You're hereby authorized to wear this empowering garnet.

opi - visionary beauties mini 3 pack

Visionary Beauties Mini 3 Pack

Limited edition shades developed & named for OPI by Kerry Washington.

"Nail color is an easy way for a woman to express her individuality. It's a small detail, but it makes a big impact, and not only outwardly: wearing a bold color has a way of uplifting a woman's spirit, which has no choice but to shine through. That kind of energy is contagious!"  ~ Kerry Washington


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