Mini Mani Moo

Mini Mani Moo 48 Swirls Nail Vinyls




Includes 48 swirls (24 in the outside loop and 24 in the inner loop)


Apply nail polish over the nail and then apply a top coat (You need to apply a top coat to avoid the base color to lift.)

Apply nail tape/stencils on completely dry nails. Use some tweezers to lift the vinyl from the sheet and apply it to the nail.

Apply nail polish across the tape/stencil. (You can also use a makeup sponge to apply a more even coat of nail polish)

After applying polish, remove all product pieces as soon as possible for accurate lines. Use tweezers again.

Remove extra nail polish from your skin using a cleanup brush or peel off the Mess no more!® in case you used this to protect the skin around the cuticles.

Wait until your design has completely dried before applying a top coat to avoid smearing the design.

Product Code: VSW-1

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