Crown Brush

Crown Brush 58C Blush / Eyeliner / Eyeshadow Palette




The 58C color palette by Crown Brush is a must have, and includes a variety of shadow shades and tones, powder eyeliner, and blush. The colors were chosen to accommodate any look. From neutral every day, to colorful and bold, or to smokey and sultry, this palette has it covered. Each shadow is omega enriched and long lasting.

The 58C palette is designed to include a variety of colors and shades to accomplish any look on any skin tone, including eyeliner and blushes. For a bolder look, try applying the deeper tones with a firm brush and pack onto the lid or use a pointed crease brush to build depth into the crease. Use any of the mid tone shades on the lid to soften the lid or to base a natural, everyday look. Choose any of the lighter tones to highlight the browbone and/or inner corner of the eye. Thanks to the wide variety of blush colors, you can highlight, add a soft glow to the cheek, or use the deeper shades to contour for a bolder look.

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