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Profusion Cosmetics Absolute Eyes Kit

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Absolute Eyes Kit by Profusion Cosmetics.

The Absolute Eyes Kit includes twenty-four individually selected eyeshadows, for neutral to kaleidoscopic eye creations. This multi-use kit is rich with satin, shimmer and matte shadows AND two eyeliners - making it a “match made in Profusion” for all skin tones. Add an eyeshadow brush, brow pencil, tweezers and beautiful blendability into the mix and you have everything you need to revamp your makeup collection.

How to use: Sweep eyeshadow across lids with your fingertips or a brush, blending up and out. Create your own look with two or more shades!

Product type: Eyeshadow Palette
For use on: Eyes
SKU: 1930
UPC: 656497019324

Cruelty-Free - Not tested on animals.

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