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Apple Cuticle Remover




The Apple Cuticle Remover by Cuccio will leave your cuticles exfoliated and moisturized to give you the healthiest looking nails. Beautiful looking natural nails start with beautiful, healthy cuticles. The Apple Cuticle Remover utilizes alpha hydroxy acids, such as malic acid from apples, to non-toxically, non-abrasively break down dead cell residue that can build up and thicken around the nail bed.


Use daily to maintain cuticles and help prevent hangnails. Apply a small amount of cuticle remover to the cuticle area. Massage gently and soak in manicure bowl for 5 minutes. Proceed by pushing back cuticles, hangnails and thickened skin around the nail bed.


0.75 fl oz / 22 mL

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