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Lavender/Vanilla Hair Removal Strips for the Face

$6.50 $8.95



GiGi Lavender and Vanilla Hair Removal Strips for the Face lift away unwanted hair, leaving your skin soft and beautifully smooth for weeks.

These easy to use scented wax strips are enhanced with floral notes of Lavender and Vanilla to calm the senses while removing unwanted hair.

THE 1 HAIR REMOVAL FORMULA IN THE WORLD Tips for Wax Strips: Beginners should apply only one strip at a time. After you have masteredthe technique, apply as many strips of wax as you are comfortable with atone time, allowing the wax to set. Check the surface of the wax strip for tackiness. If the strip is not ready, put it back down and wait a few second until fully set. The wax surface dulls as it sets. When removing the wax strip, stretch the skin taut and hold firmly. Flick the edge of the strip and remove in the opposite direction of hair growth.

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