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Lips Boutique by Profusion Cosmetics.

Line, glide and shine with the Lips Boutique and rock the coolest lip-looks! With everything you need for soft pink to glossy red or satin cherry lips, this set is perfect for anyone who wants to inject some captivating color into their beauty routine. With two easy-wear Lip Liners, three hydrating Lipsticks and one Lip Gloss for that pop of shine, you’ll have everything you need to switch up your lips, any day of the week!

Each Set Includes: 3 Lipsticks in Pink, Cherry & Red. 2 Lip Liners in Mauve & Red. 1 Lip Gloss in Pink/Mauve.

Product type: Lipstick Palette
For use on: Lips
SKU: 8302N
UPC: 656497037236

Cruelty-Free - Not tested on animals.

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