OPI Infinite Shine

OPI Infinite Shine Reach for the Sky




Reach for the Sky from the OPI Spring 2016 Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System. This cool, airy blue is yours to achieve.



This state-of-the-art system provides a manicure that needs no touch-ups all week.



The formula contains oligomers that cross-link when activated by photo-initiators in the top coat. The system cures to a hard film in natural light so it removes easily with regular nail lacquer remover.



Gel-like shine without the light.

Nails so shiny you can see yourself!

Vibrant color.



Prep: Apply to clean, dry nails. (Cleanse nails with alcohol after using polish remover!)

Prime: Apply one coat of the advanced Primer for real staying power and stain-free removal.

Lacquer: Apply two thin coats of ultra-rich, vivid Infinite Shine color. Wait two minutes after second Lacquer coat to apply Gloss Top Coat.

Gloss: Finish with one thin coat of Gloss for a durable finish that cures to a mirror shine in natural light. Make sure there is adequate light for the curing process to occur, and also ensure that thumbs are receiving light by tilting them upward.

Infinite Shine dries to the touch in 8 minutes; completely in 15 minutes.

0.5 fl oz.

Made in the U.S.A.

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