Cuccio Sicilian Nail Whitening Paste




Sicilian Nail Whitening Paste by Cuccio

A quick and easy way to brighten and whiten nails. Nail whitening paste removes stains from dark polishes, harsh chemicals and the environment. For extreme cleansing and brightening of nails. Micro-crystals for extreme cleansing and whitening.

  • Thoroughly cleanses nail beds. 
  • Non-abrasive formula. 
  • Brushes away yellow stains. 
  • Whitens free edges, artificial and natural nails. 
  • Removes stains from dark polish, smoke, colored food and dye. 

How To Use:

1. Wet the nail brush thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of Cuccio Sicilian Nail Paste. 

2. Gently scrub entire nail surface including under the free edges and nail beds. 

3. Rinse paste off and repeat on other hand. 

Product Type: Nail Whitener
Volume: 50 g / 1.75 oz.
Contains no DBP or Toulene.

SKU: 3086
UPC: 012443308605

Made in the U.S.A.

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