hairdo Simply Straight Pony 18"


R10 Chestnut
R14-25 Honey Ginger
R14-88H Golden Wheat
R1416T Buttered Toast
R2 Ebony
R25 Ginger Blonde
R29S Glazed Strawberry
R6 Dark Chocolate
R6_30H Chocolate Copper HD
R830 Ginger Brown


From the sidewalk to the catwalk, day to night - this 18" long  pony is 100% stylish whether your look is dressy or casual. What's going places? The thoroughly on-trend Hairdo Simply Straight Pony. A clever wrap-around piece keeps your pony smooth and polished.


Made with True2Life Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair that is totally stylable. Tru2Life fiber is conditioned to withstand heat up to 350 F / 176 C. Straight  fiber can be curled and curled fiber can be straightened.


Available in 11 salon-inspired colors. 


Application Method: Wrap Around


Overall Length: 18"


Straight texture out of the packaging.


Application Tips for Simply Straight Pony:

1. Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band.

2. Slip the straight comb behind the ponytail holder closest to the scalp.

3. Wrap the semi-circle base around the ponytail. Continue to wrap the long side section of hair around your ponytail, concealing the elastic band and secure with the enclosed bobby pin.

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