hairdo Texture Wrap


R10 Chestnut HD
R14_25 Honey Ginger HD
R1416T Buttered Toast HD
R2 Ebony HD
R25 Ginger Blonde HD
R29S Glazed Strawberry HD
R4 Midnight Brown HD
R6 Dark Chocolate HD
R6_30H Chocolate Copper HD
R830 Ginger Brown HD


A perfect mix of straight and crimped hair that instantly updates the updo. World's away from stiff, or over-styled. This carefree style can be worn high on the head, at the nape of the neck, or in between.


Create elegant up-dos and chignons that are loose, textured and modern or tousled casual styles that work with any attire.


True 2 Life Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair - The only synthetic hair you can flat iron, curl or blow out. TRU2LIFE fiber is conditioned to withstand heat up to 350 F / 176 C. Straight  fiber can be curled and curled fiber can be straightened.


Totally stylable! You can flat iron, curl it, or blow it dry! In addition to being stylable, TRU2LIFE synthetic hair is light, soft and lustrous without being shiny.


Each color is made up of 7-11 different shades, resulting in a natural look that blends with anyone's hair color!


Application Method: Durable elastic band construction.


Crimped texture out of the packaging.


Application Tips:

1. Gather you hair into a ponytail(s) and/or bun(s) and secure with a hair tie.

2. Loop the Texture Wrap around the ponytail/bun you have created.

3. Style as desired. Create a fuller look by using more than one Texture Wrap.

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