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The OMG Contour Concealer Brush by The Creme Shop. With more than 5x the number of fibers than a conventional brush, this revolutionary tool applies makeup with complete control and fluidity. Super-soft, super-fine fibers are densely compressed to provide unparalleled application that makes you gasp, "OMG".

Oval | Multi-use | Gentle

The unique shape of this brush allows for seamless blending and consistency. Using a circular motion, apply wet cosmetics without unsightly streaks or patchiness.

Designed specifically for applying concealers, foundations, and powders, this brush possesses dimensions that glide smoothly across broad feature to provide systematic coverage.

Hundreds of synthetic fibers are compacted together and uniformly carved to resemble the texture of silk. The ultra-smooth convex surface is non-abrasive even to the most delicate skin.

Product Type: Makeup Brush

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