Vera Mona

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo




The Color Switch Duo by Vera Mona is the only product on the market of it's kind!!! It removes the color from the eye shadow brushes helping the makeup artist switch to another color quickly and efficiently. The Duo's unparalleled design includes a centered mini sponge for wet make up application. Nothing else like this exist! Stroke the eye shadow brush against the Duo sponge to completely remove the color being used and switch to the next. The Duo's uniquely design centered sponge enhances the color of the eye shadow when applied wet, resulting in a more vibrant look that is true to the pallet, or color being used.

How To:

Stroke your brush against the Duo sponge to completely remove eye shadow color to then switch to the next color. The Duo also has a sponge in the center that can be soaked with water or a fixing agent to then dampen a brush for wet makeup application.

Discard wet sponge after every use.

Discontinue use of the product if irritation occurs on eyes or skin.

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