Absolute New York

Absolute New York Color 2 Go Hair Mascara


Black HM-01
Black Brown HM-02
Dark Brown HM-03
Natural Brown HM-04
Light Brown HM-05


Easy temporary touch-up formula for hair, designed to instantly conceal grays and roots in a single step - perfect for quick, on-the-go touch-ups, no water necessary.

Featuring a convenient applicator wand, Color 2 Go Mascara evenly provides effective, long-lasting coverage without dripping or weighing down hair, while Absolute New York natural-based formula washes out easily with shampoo. Includes a mini-comb to prep hair for a thorough, natural-looking finish.

How To Use:

• Comb through to Smooth out Hair - Particularly Roots
• Choose Color 2 Go Shade & Swipe Product to Conceal As Desired
• Comb Product through Roots for Even Coverage

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